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Following training at Farnham College of Art & Design, and The University of Arts, Canterbury, Miranda continued with a career of teaching and painting.

It was after completing a writing and illustration course in 2009 that her first idea for a children’s book materialised entitled CaKe. This is mainly a colouring book for children but is also available for adults to try out their creative imagination. The idea being, the reader becomes the artist too and is able, by using their own imagination and use of colour, to create a unique book and piece of artwork they can treasure as theirs. Then, perhaps the reader might even be inspired to go onto make their own book. In effect CaKe is simply a springboard for discovering your creative talent.

Miranda’s technique of drawing captures the simplicity of the black and white image using mostly pen and ink with some colour.

“I feel life is created in the first sketch. It is hard to reproduce the immediate quick drawing on a sketch pad, so I prefer to draw images straight into my mock book, and then add colour. This means that the freshness of the first drawing is not lost to subsequent over working of repeated sketches. I believe that it is in the first touch of the pen to paper that the image truly comes alive and I want to preserve this. It is important too, to see the line of the drawing whether in pencil or ink come through the final piece of artwork.”

In 2016 Miranda wrote and illustrated her first adult book called Hope’s Angel. This is a book about a young girl of 16 who finds freedom from her old self by imagining she is a swallow able to fly. With her new found wings and the help of an angel, she sets off on an adventure, seeking new beginnings and her long desired dream to be free.

For my illustrations, I am inspired by the artist’s Quentin Blake, Oliver Jeffers and Lydia Monks, and for my writing, I gain inspiration from the Bible, pictures, artworks and life experience. The idea begins in a small notebook. Perhaps I will begin with the ending and work back, or start with an image of the main character, or place the story is set, then try and capture this in simple sketches in pencil or pen. Sometimes the story begins on the back of an envelope and grows from here.

As an artist, I love to use different mediums including pastel, gouche, etching, and charcoal. I am inspired by the beauty of creation all around me and day to day life. I feel the title of my artwork is very important. It helps the onlooker to use their imagination and become lost in the image or story that may be unfolding before them.

I hope you enjoy this site. Please do contact me here if you want to know more about my writing, illustration or artwork.


Best Sellers

The Orange Tree

10 short stories which, like Aesop’s Fables, have a subtext which follow naturally from the story being told.


CaKe is the perfect gift and inspiration for creativity for adult and child. Colour the pages with your own design.

Hope’s Angel

Hope is the name of the young girl who seeks freedom from her old self by imagining she is a swallow able to fly.